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tv   News  ABC  April 5, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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towards the south. the rain will stay away from us, but trying to push clouds our way. we will get clouds on and on and sunshine like yesterday. i will monitor this. right now, a check of raffic. good morning, everyone. helding out the door let's check your drive in howard county. not a lot of difficulty on 29 or 95, they are both moving well in the southbound direction and northbound 95 is moving well for those heading towards 695 and downtown and those heading to 695, not bad yet. and the pike is filling up and tapping the brakes here as you make the drive from i-70 to i- 95. over to you.
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new developments this morning in the martin case. >> florida team who was shot and killed by zimmerman. abc 2 news' sherrie johnson is here. what did we learn? >> reporter: well, the momentum is still building in the case. george zimmerman's father is speaking out again in the case. and zimmerman hired another attorney. now, this father spoke with a florida's news station. he is saying that his son called 9-1-1 about a person and then martin reappeared when he was walking back to his suv. this attorney is saying that he did not shoot martin because he was black and many garged at the capital. they are outraged. and in miami there was a march yesterday and candle light vigil. >> it is because that 6'3" young man made a terrible
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decision and bad judgment. he decided to jump on somebody and smack them in the face. >> now, a new study found that more republicans than democrats are saying there is too much coverage of martin's death. back to you. >> thank you. there is new information this morning. a west baltimore church is trying to bring people together. dozens gathered to remember martin. parishioners rather today let people know that baltimore's religious communities support justice for martin and also anyone who cannot represent themselves. >> it is time for united states for people to stand up and say this stuff cannot happen. i feel if we get more unity in the community. we can watch one another. make an impact in the community. ♪ [ music ] >> organizers collected donations to be sent to his family. news around the nation,
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we're learning the details of whitney houston's death. the autopsy report is saying that he drown face down in the tub of hot water. heart disease and cocaine use were factors. investigators found a small spoon with white substance on it. it was found on the bathroom counter and on a mirror. a ex boyfriend's revenge as a woman refusing to go outside of her home. she sent him a semi nude photograph, and he put them on flyers with her name and phone number. >> risks and text messages from people. i'm living in hell. i don't know outside. because i'm afraid. >> the woman says that men have shown up at her front door.
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all right. check out great dance moves. it is a suspect in texas. this -- guy broke into a dance after a burglary. they broke into a vehicle for touring the city. they sprayed a fire extissue inside. michelle obama got her easter started early with the walter reed center. she brought bo, the first family dog to bring cheers and smiles. he walked in with bunny ears. all right. the 50th anniversary. this year president barack obama is helping honor that film. on saturday the president will deliver a special introduction to a restored version of the 1962 film "to kill a mocking
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bird." it is a black man wrongly accused of rape. still with us this morning. 3q
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news time, 6:38. abc 2 news is working for you this morning. searching for sale. the saving website was wells listing things that you should never pay full price for. books, magazines, and video games and also movie rentals
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and sporting tickets. clothing, hotel rooms and rental cars and appliances. that is wisebread, those are readily available at 25% to 50% off. search on-line, wade for a sale. this morning we are learning more. sheer megan. >> thank you, charlie. all right. you clip store coupons and buy store brands, but you might be missing out on other ways. consumer reports identifies areas where shoppers might overspend. starting on what you look at, that's on sale. >> when you talk about those deals. 10 for $10. 5 for $5. the reality is, rarely, if ever, do you have to buy the maximum amount to qualify for the discount. it is that marketers are planning a number in your head. >> so, survey the store shelfs,
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top to bottom. the best deals might not be at eye level and consumers should not assume that the item at the end of the aisle is on sale. check the price tag. and if you find a coupon or a sale for ham you might want to grab it. ham prices are higher than usual because of the rising cost of pig f field -- feed and easter sunday is days away. all right. 6:40. what is brand new in baltimore. >> all right. abc 2 news to go is coming up next. new information this morning in the mega millions jackpot.
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it is thursday morning, april 5th. thank you for joining us, good morning. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charlie crowson. all right. now, lynette charles with the forecast. yesterday was picture perfect. >> it was, lots of sunshine. we will have sunshine today, but clouds are trying to through a curveball to us. we will be seeing plenty of sunshine this morning. now, maryland's most powerful radar. we are dry and will stay dry through the afternoon. we have all five sweeps going. leave the umbrella at home, but breakout the coat with the temperatures at 43 degrees. we will see these temperatures noble get to about 62 degrees. so, the low 60s through time
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today. that is seasonable, but coming off of the 75 yesterday, it will feel on the cool side. all right. now the traffic is angela. how are the roads? >> the roads are in good shape for the first part. we're starting to see brake lights on the west side of 695. if you are making the drive heading into downtown on i-95, should be an easy trip for you. we are north of the beltway. northbound and southbound lanes without delay and light out there for the most part. now, on the west side we're starting to see occasional brake lights. it opens up. back over to you. >> thanks. this time last week we were talking about the mega millions jackpot. now, turns out someone from baltimore county won, but who. >> more and more people are coming forward, but are they
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true? now a mom from mississippi is saying it is her son. now, sherrie is here. did you win? >> i wish. i have been on the phone this morning gathering new information for you. i have called down to mississippi and spoke with linda. her son michael claimed to have won the mega millions jackpot, but this morning linda is shot sure. according to the "baltimore sun." linda called a tv station in mississippi about the story. by wednesday michael claims he was not one of the winners of the $656 million jackpot. he said that a friend played a joke on him. created a fake ticket. now, michael believed it, because he actually bought 23 lottery tickets at the 7 luhr. his mother -- 7-eleven where it
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was sold. his mom contacted the news media. >> can almost cry, because i'm happy for him. >> today at 2:00 p.m., the maryland lottery director will discuss the win. the winning tickets were sold in maryland, kansas and illinois. the orioles will be at camden yard this afternoon. >> yes. indeed, at 3:00 today and tomorrow the birds will be playing the twins. the game time is 3:05. if you are going to the game. you will receive a 2012 schedule and a car magnet. do you want to do this one? >> keep going. okay. 500 lucky fans of the orioles will have lunch with the team. fans will be able to eat with players and get their autographs with some of them. tomorrow the os will d to k
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season. >> yes. so the fans will notice a lot of new changes at camden yard. you will be down there tomorrow. right now, linda so is here to tell us about the upgrades. >> yes. i love the food. there is plenty of food. all of the changes come in time for the anniversary. a new rooftop deck with a bar and a great view. all right, the main concourse has new flooring. $11million upgrades to the food certiorari areas. loathe are locate beyond through the roof deck in center field. >> we come out here. it's -- it's, it doesn't so speak volumes of baseball, but it speaks of life styles. lifestyles and food where people like to still and be with. it is neighborhoods in this ballgame ballpark. you know, here is our main
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street, utah street. >> opening day is tomorrow. thal os will take on the twins at 3:05. we will be there live tomorrow. linda so, abc 2 news. we're hoping that the os lost to a florida college team on purpose. they played florida college on tuesday, in an 8 inning game. they lost 2-1. they provides pitchers and catchers for the college. several star players for the os played in 5 innings and took a few turns at the plate. the ravens pre-season schedule is out. the ravens will be playing against their opponent, starting the preseason playing in atlanta against the falcons on ost9th. then at home against detroit. on the 23rd against jacksonville. on the 30th playing with st. louis rams. regular season schedule will be
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released in the next few weeks. an internal investigation at howard university, has suspended student athletes from being able to play this season. it students are being investigated for a possible ncaa investigation. it is because of book vouchers. some students are not returning the leftover cash when they purchase schoolbooks. residents in baltimore county are appealing the county school board's decision to build a new elementary school. now, the head of the committee says that residents are concerned of the loss of playing fields and a nature trial. he submitted more than 26 problem sigmatures against the building of the school. the school board has not been transparent. arguing that the meeting the night before the vote on the school property was not publicized. >> it was more of anarchs okay.
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we'll give the people out there, their two cents, but vote it the next day anyway. >> the plan is moving forward with the goal of open the elementary school in the fall of 2014. time for five things that you need to know. pretrial hearings are set for today jerry sandusky. his lawyers are expected to debate a request to have the charges dismissed. president barack obama is expected to sign the jump part of business startup act. that is happening today. it includes key initiatives to help businesses grow. everybody, you want to buy a town. the entire town of burford,
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wyoming, population 1. the ownership comes with an income producing convenience store and your own cell phone tower. a news conference is scheduled today to announce the 2012 world car of the year. we are an hour away from the beginning of the masters in georgia. weather could be a factor today. afternoon thunderstorms could effect play in the afternoon. that will not stop the legends with a tear mornial tee shot on the first tee. that starts the masters. all right. charlie. we will not have thunderstorms here for today. the wind chill will be or big factor for this morning. we feel like 43 degrees with a northeasterly flow. with 5 to 15 miles per hour. feels like 41 degrees right now. 44 in washington, d.c. 27 in york, pennsylvania this
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morning. good morning to you. future trend not a lot. sunshine this morning and this afternoon. we will try to keep the clouds at bay, but high pressure is building in and that will continue through the next several days. if you have the outdoor plans for the weekend. the easter, they look like they are going to be a go for the hunts. now the forecast today, by lunchtime, 58 degrees and a nice day to eat outdoors. make sure that you have a sweater or a jacket on. it is cooler. i might add this is where we should be for this time of the year. tomorrow, opening day. we have been waiting for that. 60 degrees. mostly sunny and cool. the first pitch that 3:05. together night a freeze watch is in effect.
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the temperatures will drop off until saturday morning. so, make sure that you bring the plants in or cover them up. here is the secretary for you -- seven-day forecast for you, we have showers through easter and then showers next week. now the traffic here is angela. good morning, everyone. your commute is looking nice out there. following one accident. crane mile away at 175. now, around beltway. this is the inner loop on the right side of your screen. a little bit heavy, but moving at a pretty good pace. those making the drive on the top side of 695, heading towards i-95, this is what you will find heading to the tunnel. southbound with a brief tap of the brakes on i-95 southbound. all right. here is a story to gross you out this morning.
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you might think too much about it. the office mouse is filthy. researchers are saying that the computer mouse carries three times as many girls as your toileted seat. 44% more bacteria is on the mouse that meant -- men use verses the women. people in ms. were forced to canceled their rain on tuesday night. the rain was fast and heavy, but the players took the the field and put only on a show. they were creative it bouncing for the fans. >> i love it. >> okay. keep this rolling if you can. we're going show you the dance moves. there is a person in the building -- who can do this coming up. seg way for it. >> there we go. >> is that you? >> that's you, charlie. >> oh, yeah. [ laughter ] >> i've seen you do that. >> here we go again.
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to our friends, we apologize. if someone does the bernie, on tv, anyway, you got to watch. >> the fans probably had more fun doing that than play baseball. >> yes. old miss is in the cellar. all right. charlie and i share a mouse. >> i wiped my down earlier, too. >> i already did it. >> all right. [ laughter ] >> how is your mouse three times dirtier than a toilet seat. >> we have a bunch of them. >> detective reasoning. >> don't judge, you have four computers. >> all right. i walk around with two laptops. an ipad. an iphone. >> all right. >> bernie us out. >> come on, please.
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>> no. no. >> please -- >> maybe someone in the control room will. come on, do it! >> do the bernie! >> no. >> no way. all right. have a great day. in the franchise to get the word out. that could work. or you could use every door direct mail from the postal service. it'll help you and all your franchisees find the customers that matter most -- the ones in the neighborhood. you print it or we'll help you find a local partner. great. keep it moving, honey. honey? that's my wife. wow. there you go. there you go. [ male announcer ] go online to reach every home, every address, every time with every door direct mail.
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